About Us

We're a venture-backed technology startup with offices in Cambridge, MA and San Francisco, CA.

Who we are

Founded by a team from Columbia and MIT, Kemvi brings together years of expertise in solving difficult real-world data problems. We’ve advised the CIA on economic stability, published papers on black hole physics, worked with the SEC and the Federal Reserve on market regulations, and we’ve had our work covered by the New York Times, Wired, and Forbes.

Our mission

We’re building technology that helps machines understand our world.

As machines become increasingly intelligent and capable, we’re rapidly approaching the threshold of the biggest transition our species has ever experienced: the development of artificial general intelligence. We believe the best way to ensure that machines understand the nuances of human behavior and preferences is to help them understand our language.

To that end, our core technology focus is on deep neural network architectures for modeling natural language. We’re approaching the problem in a domain-focused and scalable way by engineering systems that deliver business value to sales and marketing teams.

Work with us

With offices just steps from MIT and in the Financial District of San Francisco, we tap into all of the academic and entrepreneurial creativity in the most innovative places on Earth. Email us at team at this domain dot com if you’re interested in working with us.